We Come to God as a group on Sunday Morning @ 8:45 am & 11:00 am. We help others Convert, Commit, and Continue as Followers of Jesus at NCC and beyond. But Coming to God is only the first thing Jesus asks of us as His disciples. And that’s why we help one another Walk with the Word of Life, Connect in Community, and Live for Jesus.

Walking with the Word during Maximum Impact (Sundays @ 10:00 am)

Classes begin at various times throughout the year. Check out a class online and let the Word of Life make a maximum impact in your life!

Connecting in Community (Beyond Sunday Morning)

God designed us to Connect in Community and we want YOU to move from a row on Sunday morning to a circle of friends. We can only promise that you will make a new friend. But time has told us that some of our best friends are found NCC. So check out the various Community opportunities today!

Living for Jesus (Serving Others)

Once we choose to follow Jesus, we begin living for Jesus and putting others’ needs before our own. Our Ministry Teams help us Live for Jesus as we Serve One Another both within and beyond NCC.