Kids Kingdom

Kindergarten thru 4th Grade
Drop off and Pick up is at the FRONT of the Fellowship Hall during the 8:45 and 11:00 am Sunday services. (There are two exterior doors near the flag pole that connect to the FRONT of the Fellowship Hall. You may also reach the FRONT by using the hallway below the Fellowship Hall.) 

K thru 4th Grades meet in classrooms IN the Education Wing and BELOW the Fellowship Hall @ 10:00 am.

God’s Word is powerful and life changing. We present Biblical truths in creative, interactive, and age appropriate ways. KIDS KINGDOM is an exciting place where children are challenged to live out their faith. Children experience great worship, creative Bible teaching and cutting edge technology in a Large and Small Group settings.

Kid’s Kingdom begins with a Large Group time and ends with Small Group breakouts. These small groups provide an opportunity for children to take the lesson they learned about in the Large Group and apply it to their own lives in an age appropriate way. Children share prayer needs and discuss what God wants them to learn and live out the coming week. In small groups, real friendships grow and children feel valued as they begin to understand they can have a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

When adults attend a Maximum Impact Class @ 10:00 am, children meet with their grade level peers as they learn about the “Word of Life,” Jesus Christ. Teachers follow age appropriate curriculum that emphasizes biblical principles and even more life application.

During the Fall 2013 Semester, children in Kid’s Kingdom have accepted the challenge to memorize Bible verses. You may download an Adobe PDF that lists the verses your child is working on in Kid’s Kingdom. Copies of this handout are also available on Sunday mornings if you have difficulty accessing it.


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