Maximum Impact Classes help adults Walk with the Word of Life as growing disciples of Jesus Christ. These classes meet Sundays at 10:00 AM for about 45 minutes, and they are a great Second Step after you’ve attended a Sunday morning service.

Check the class descriptions below regularly since they change every semester. E-mail Maureen Gratton if you have any further questions. We look forward to helping you have a maximum impact on your Walk with Jesus Christ!

Note that children from Senior to Preschool join with one another by grade level in their own classes that focus on basic Biblical truths as we help children Come to God and begin their Walk with Jesus. All of our teachers are screened and trained before they begin meeting with students. See the Children’s Ministries page for other children’s programs.


The Sermon on the Mount stands as the pinnacle address and answer to the bold demand to repent.  Contained within this address are the seeds of FAITH, HOPE and LOVE.  We place our faith in Jesus, we place our hope in Jesus and we place our love in Jesus.  The question is how?  How do we place our very being in Christ?  Join us and discover “how” and why we need to live godly and upright lives.
Location: Auditorium

Teacher:  Terry Erwin


The books of Ruth and Esther show ordinary women in extraordinarily difficult situations.  In spite of extreme hardship and probable disaster, they continue to trust God even when He seems distant.  We’d love for you to join us for this study that shows God caring for His people.  Ruth and Esther’s courage and faith will inspire you to hope.
Location: Family Room
Teacher: Nicole Hetrick


This class will utilize Engage Bible Studies from the Community Bible Study group.  It is a personal bible study approach focusing on the transcendence of God’s word across time and cultures.  God’s word is as relevant to your life today as it was to the people who wrote it down centuries ago.  The practical book of James says what we believe is demonstrated by how we live.  Knowing God, not just knowing about God, results in a changed life.
Location: Balcony

Teacher: Dale Weisnesee


You Can’t Save Yourself!   A Bible study of grace through Paul’s letter to the Galatians.
Location: F-8

Teacher: Rob Grandi


We will be using several Andy Stanley Your Move messages like “Crazy Like Us,”, “Your Move: 4 Questions to Ask When You Don’t Know What to Do,” and “Re-Solution: the Better Question” to  guide us into making better decisions and living toward the great things that God has prepared in advance for us to do. (Ephesians 2:10
Location: F-9

Teacher: Linsy Wilson