Friday May 18, 2018

We will PACK 75,000 meals during 2 Sessions:
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We encourage individuals/families from a church or other organization to serve together as a team.

230 Volunteers needed.

Friday Night, May 18

If you would like to serve, please show up and lend a hand. There will most certainly be something you can do to help.

ABC Food Ministry_Child with bowl of food
The Mission’s Ministry Team prayerfully set our goal at 75,000 meals. And we have a plan to make this happen. First, continue to pray with us as we reach out to the people of Haiti. Next we will Purchase, Pack, and Send meals to Haiti.
Thank you for your help!
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Last year, you purchased & packed 140,000 meals for the people of Haiti. Over 350 volunteers made this project a resounding success. Here’s what happened next to those meals:
Lifeline Christian Mission stored our meals until other groups prepared more meals during their events. At that point, Lifeline sends a full 40 foot container of meals to Haiti. After Haitian customs clears the container, local Lifeline Staff partner with over 50+ missionaries and organizations (such as Kids Against Hunger, Meals from the Heartland, Outreach International, Impact Lives, Stop Hunger Now, and Food for Kidz) to distribute the meals that YOU purchased and packaged.
Thank You again for your support!
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