Newborn thru 36 Months
Angel Nursery (0-12 months) in Education Wing
Sonbeam Nursery (12-24 months) in Education Wing
Starlight Nursery (24-36 months) near Auditorium

Pampered by loving volunteers our rooms are designed with little ones in mind. Your precious babies will receive tender, loving care as they are rocked and hugged. Your toddlers will discover God loves and cares for them through interactive play times and story telling. 

Since there may be fewer children on Wednesday evenings, we often use two groups during the week instead of the three groups on Sunday. If that happens, we eliminate the Sonbeam Nursery and send the younger of that group to the Angel Nursery and the older ones to the Starlight Nursery. Again, however, we staff ALL THREE Nurseries every Sunday morning no matter how few or how many children arrive.


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