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Project 23

Project 23 will be our prayer emphasis that kicks off the New Year.


At Sunday morning services in January, our focus will be on Paul’s prayers for the early church and the “so that” statements he used in his writing. Each week we will learn to pray so that Christ may dwell in our hearts, so that we’ll understand every good thing in Christ, so that we’ll have one mind and voice to glorify God, and so that we can discern what is best.

We will kick off Project 23 Sunday, January 8 and begin a 23-day period of prayer, January 9-31. A prayer room will be open Monday- Friday, 3-6pm, here at the church building, if you would like to come here to pray. Thank you for joining us for this series, as we think about deepening our relationship with God in 2023.

There is no “wrong way” to pray. Prayer is simply talking to God and expressing yourself to him. More communication is always better communication, but sometimes it’s hard to know what or how to say it. Hopefully the prayer prompts on the front of this card will help with the “what” and the prayer model below will help with the “how”. The ACTS prayer model is a popular template to help with prayer, please use it if you need help with the “how” of prayer.


Whatever your prayer life currently looks like, we hope that during Project 23, you will be able to deepen and strengthen it by taking your prayers one step further. Maybe that means you are able to pray more consistently, maybe it means more time in prayer, or maybe it means praying with other people. Whatever the growth steps looks like for you, we hope you grow closer to God because of it.

  • Jan. 9-Pray for Project23, and your commitment to prayer in 2023

  • Jan. 10-Pray that you would hear clearly from God in 2023

  • Jan. 11-Pray for the Godly influence you have on your friends

  • Jan. 12-Pray for spiritual wisdom in 2023

  • Jan. 13-Pray for your church family

  • Jan. 14-Pray for your obedience to God in 2023

  • Jan. 15-Pray for your immediate family

  • Jan. 16-Pray for the NCC small group meetings happening this week

  • Jan. 17-Pray for your intentionality about how you spend time

  • Jan. 18-Pray that your love for people would grow

  • Jan. 19-Pray for our nation

  • Jan. 20-Pray for spiritual boldness and courage

  • Jan. 21-Pray for the NCC church leaders

  • Jan. 22-Pray for your obedience to the Holy Spirit in 2023

  • Jan. 23-Pray for the kids of NCC and their teachers

  • Jan. 24-Pray for those that have been hurt by religion

  • Jan. 25-Pray for one of your enemies

  • Jan. 26-Pray for financial wisdom in 2023

  • Jan. 27-Pray for the broken hearted

  • Jan. 28-Pray that joy would abound in you

  • Jan. 29-Pray for a chance to share Jesus in 2023

  • Jan. 30-Pray for your spiritual growth in 2023

  • Jan. 31-Give thanks to God for his faithfulness to you in 2023

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