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As COVID 19 continues to impact our lives in various ways, NCC has been proactive since March of 2020 in making decisions and recommendations based on the best information at that time. 

  • Masks: Optional

  • Entering the Building: Please use the front doors entering the building. 

  • Café: The café is now open

  • Seating Capacity: We are now back to full capacity in the sanctuary. If needed we will have overflow seating in the balcony where the live stream will be viewed on the TV.

  • Communion: You may choose to visit one of the communion stations on your way into the auditorium, or you may wait until communion time to get your emblems.

  • Bulletin (Communicator Cards, Prayer Lists, Sermon Outlines): We will continue to have online communicator cards, online prayer lists and online sermon outlines as well as having paper copies in the lobby. Click HERE for the Online Bulletin

  • Offering: Offering can be placed in the wooden boxes in the back of the auditorium or online.

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