COVID 19 UPDATE​ 11.19.2020

Based on the increased COVID cases in our community and in our local hospitals, the NCC leadership is requiring that everyone wear a mask while in the building for Sunday services or other meetings. Our exceptions remain only for those who are on stage while on stage. If you are not comfortable wearing a mask during the entire service, please take advantage of our online service which can be found at:


While we admit that wearing a mask is uncomfortable and there are different scientific and political opinions on the matter, the NCC leadership asks that you reflect on these Bible passages: "Love one another as I have loved you" (John 13:34-35) and  "Honor one another above yourselves." (Romans 12:10). We are of the opinion that wearing a mask should not be a divisive issue. We have many members in our congregation on the front lines risking their own health and safety every day for their fellow man. We should be willing to lay aside our comfort for one hour on Sunday and instead focus on demonstrating love for each other as Christ commands. Consider our masks as just one small opportunity to "carry our cross" for Christ during this pandemic. 


We thank you all for your understanding and willingness to adhere to our requirements while in the church building. 


-Norwin Christian Church Elders 


As most of you know, on Thursday, July 16, 2020, Pennsylvania's governor announced some tightening of restrictions for businesses and organizations to stem the rising spread of COVID-19.


Church gatherings are exempt from the indoor capacity limits, and the elders feel that we are within the existing mandates to continue with Sunday morning in-person services as we have been. 


This includes:

  • Requiring masks to be worn while in the building. Exceptions for medical reasons or for those who are on the stage;

  • Maintaining six feet of distance between family units;

  • Cleaning surfaces between services


-The Elders


On June 14th we will begin to meet in person for our church services again. While we understand many are excited to return, we also know that many are concerned about being in a group setting. Please rest assured that we are dedicated to continuing the Live Stream every Sunday as an option to watch from the comfort of your home.


We will be offering an 8:45am and 11:00am in person service.


For those attending in person, we are excited to see familiar faces and worship together again. However please note as we start the process of in person services again, there will be some changes to our services. Please see the changes below.


  • Parking: The parking lot in the rear of the church building will be closed. Please park in the side or front lot.

  • Masks: Due to the recent rise in local COVID-19 cases, as well as the recent PA Department of Health order, the leadership at NCC has decided that masks be must worn at all times when inside of the church building with the only exceptions being for individuals who are on the stage speaking or leading worship, and for those that are exempt for medical or health reasons. We feel this is a necessary step to protect our congregation while still allowing us to have in person services.  We understand that there are many differing views on this matter, but as Christ-followers we are asked to respect our governing authorities, and more importantly we are commanded to show love and humility to others. 

  • Children’s Classes: Classes to start back Oct. 4th for K-6th Grade.

  • Entering the Building: Only the front doors will be used for entering the building. There will be ushers to open the doors for you to limit the touching of the door handle.

  • Entering the Lobby: The cafe and bathrooms near the cafe will be closed for now. The bathrooms in the hallway will be open. Once entering please make your way directly to the auditorium.

  • Entering the Auditorium: There are clusters of chairs that are spaced appropriately. There are groups of 1, 2,3 and 4 chairs. If you have a larger family there are spare chairs along the side of the auditorium that you may add to a group.

  • Seating Capacity: We are limiting the auditorium to 150 people. If needed we will have overflow seating in the Kid’s Kingdom auditorium where the live stream will be viewed on the TV.

  • Communion: You may choose to visit one of the communion stations on your way in to pick up the emblems, or you may wait until communion time to get your emblems.

  • Bibles, Pens, Communicator Cards, Prayer Lists, Sermon Outlines: We will continue to have online communicator cards, online prayer lists and online sermon outlines as well as having paper copies on the chairs. Please consider bringing your own bible and pen to use during service.

  • Offering: Offering can be placed in the wooden boxes in the back of the auditorium or online.

  • Service: The service will be shorter than we are used to (50-55 minutes). We will have a time for worship, communion and sermon.

  • At the end of service: Once service is over, we are asking that you either use the side doors in the auditorium or the front doors to exit the building. Please consider doing any talking/visiting with others out in the parking lot while trying to maintain proper distancing.

We ask that you prayerfully consider all of these temporary changes as they are meant to keep your safety and others a top priority. These are all simple things we can do in Christian love to protect others.

While we understand the church service will look different for now, we are hopeful and praying that these are only short term changes and we can get back to our regular services soon (including children’s classes). 


If there are any questions please contact the church office.



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