Prayer Requests ~ November 27, 2022

Our Church, Our Nation, Our President, Our Leaders, Our Troops

Kathy Deluzio – She has a perforation on her appendix; sent home with antibiotics until the infection calms down and further diagnostic testing is done. Pray for answers and continued stability in health until the appendix can be removed. CARDS: 108 Manchester Dr., Irwin, PA 15642

Aunt – She had a stroke last week; prayers for her and her family. (Gary Glaze)



Ron Gavula – He is back home and doing pretty good after an intense back surgery. His leg pain is gone; back is still tender, but hoping that will ease soon. Thank you for the prayers! (Karen Gavula’s husband)

Tyler Turgeon – Please pray for a procedure he will have on 11/28. Pray for resolution of pain and that motor function and lung function remain intact. (Jim & Allison Turgeon’s 15 yr. old son)

Peg – Test results were not encouraging; will be having more. Please pray for strength in faith and healing. (Betsy Lanyi’s sister)


Continued prayer needs:

Tadzia – She has MS and deals with great pain; pray for less and more manageable issues. (Todd Elder)

Jerry Beal – He had a heart attack; pray for his recovery. (Marci Cassidy’s uncle)

Candeta – Her cancer has spread to her liver and lungs. Pray for peace and comfort, and prayers for the family. (Eileen Petrarco)

Ann Mozer – She is facing hernia surgery; pray all goes well. (Ken Blunt’s mom)

Karen Bryan – She had a defibrillator implanted this week. Prayers are appreciated! 

Kevin McElroy – He had heart surgery this week; pray for a good outcome.

Joy – She has developed a MRSA infection in her legs and was moved to a facility in Greensburg. Pray for her strength, especially since she’s also dealing with serious kidney issues. (Judi LeRoy)

Michael Wieger – He had not been feeling well and bloodwork revealed his red blood cell count & hemoglobin are very high. He had an appointment with a hematologist/oncologist on Friday. Pray for answers and comfort. (Mike & Lori Wieger’s son)

Friend – She fell & broke her leg. Pray for healing. (Nancy Curotola)

Michael – Pray that he will find Jesus. (Michael Stape)

Judi LeRoy – Her blood test came back inconclusive. Continue prayers that an answer will be found.

Terry Smith – Thank you for the prayers & uplifting cards. They mean a lot and are greatly appreciated. Continue prayers for complete healing.

Robert Honick – He had another fall this week & broke his hip. Pray for healing after surgery, and for encouragement. (Bonnie Honick’s father-in-law)

Mary Erkel – A CT scan showed some damage & metastasis in her pelvis & upper femur. She will have 5 radiation treatments, 5 days in a row as soon as possible. Pray for strength. (Barb Keller’s mom)

Linda Cleary – She had knee surgery; pray for successful healing. 

Jim Fitzgerald, Jr. – His leukemia has returned; prayers for healing. (Paul Fitzgerald’s brother)

Blake Swires – 26 yr. old; struggling with drug addiction. He is currently in rehab. (Tom Bepler)

Jessica – 8 months pregnant & in hospital with a blood infection.

Henry – He has severe kidney disease; pray for his health & for his salvation. (Bonnie Harrold)

Jessica – She has a brain aneurysm; they will do surgery on 11/29 to extract it. Prayers are appreciated! (Herb & Idania Allshouse’s daughter-in-law)

Joanne – She is having severe medical problems and has been in and out of the hospital. (Julia Moore’s aunt)

Chris – He has been very sick and may be developing pneumonia. Pray for healing. (Norma Jean Heydorn’s son)

Renie Bell & Family – Her brother, Don passed away. Pray for his wife, Maggie, as she suffers from Alzheimer’s. 

Marci Cassidy & the Beal Family – Toni Beal passed away. Continue prayers for the family. (Marci’s sister-in-law) 

Mark – He has started to be responsive and brain function is intact. Thank you for prayers, pray there is continued improvement. (Carole Clark’s nephew)

Don – While having pre-op testing for hernia surgery, it was discovered that he has an aggressive form of lung cancer. Started chemo immediately. Please pray for Don & his wife Cheryl as they deal with this unexpected diagnosis. (Connie Mozina)

Donna Robosky – Pray for healing and that treatments work for reoccurrence of breast cancer.

Nancy – She started chemo to target her colon cancer; date for breast cancer surgery is yet to be determined. Continue prayers. (Barb Keller’s sister)

Miriam & Family – Pray for Miriam, her daughters Jessica & Jada, and their families. The 1-yr. anniversary of losing their husband/father is approaching. (Sandra Phillips’ sister & nieces)

Stephanie Kauffman – Thank you for the prayers; they mean a lot & the cards were uplifting. She has finished the iron transfusions; has an appointment with a rheumatologist. Improvement is slow and frustrating. Continue prayers.