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NCC Spiritual Growth Process: Come | Connect | Grow | Go

Join us through the whole month of January as we talk about our spiritual growth steps in our Sunday messages. Scripture speaks clearly that we want to be continually growing as we follow Jesus in our lives. And, we find that the
most joyful and fulfilling life is when we are growing in Jesus.


To help us on that path, the elders and staff at NCC have revised our spiritual growth steps, to better align with the vision and mission of NCC. We hope the presentation of the steps will make them clear, accessible and engaging to all of us at NCC.

As we learn each week about the growth steps, we will have a prayer room set up in the Worship Center. This will be similar in some ways to the prayer room from last year, but this year we will focus our prayers each week on a specific growth step. The prayer room will be open during the week, and we will finish this prayer focus with 24 hours of prayer on Saturday, February 3.

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